Events at the iTüpferl

Finally! After more than a year of brainstorming, networking and meetings, we have managed to open up the iTüpferl at TUM Garching – at least partially – to students, university groups and employees.

We want to transform the iTüpferl into an open space through participatory activities and design. The iTüpferl is to become the weTüpferl.

To this end, we have networked with university groups. So far, these include the Environmental Department, ReparadTUM, Munich Animal Rights Club, Women in CS @ TUM and, of course, us from the Klima Café.

In the short to medium term, we want to liven up the space with organized activities and events. In the long term, our aim is to permanently open the space to the general public and develop it into a space for social participation, discussion and also a place to retreat from everyday learning.

The aim is to create a space where people like to meet and relax. A space that you can help shape and in which the focus is on sustainability and social issues that are often not addressed during studies.

Would you like to get involved yourself or do you just think it is a great idea? Then come to the opening on May 14 from 4-6 p.m. at the TUM Maths-Informatics building, ground floor! If you can’t make it at this time, please send us an email:

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