Cooperation With Ringvorlesung Umwelt

We are happy to announce that we will organise bi-weekly discussion and action groups for the lecture series “Ringvorlesung Umwelt” in cooperation with the “Referat für Umwelt” at the TU Munich. The lecture series hosts a wide range of experts talking about the environment, health, and sustainability.

In our discussion and action groups, students get the chance to reflect on their knowledge acquired as part of the lecture series and discuss how to apply that knowledge to their own lives and local actions. Successful participation can be submitted as part of the course assessment.

On the following five dates, the Klima-Café will host the discussion groups of the lecture series:

  • 26.11.2020: “Climate change, nutrition and health – sustainable solutions to malnutrition”
  • 10.12.2020: “Chemicals in the environment – research for more sustainability”
  • 07.01.2021: “Nature conservation as health care – What the Corona pandemic teaches us and how an intact nature helps us to stay healthy”
  • 21. 01.2021: “Influences of weather and temperature changes on strokes and other health problems”
  • 04.02.2021: “Protecting nature means protecting health – about the responsibility we bear and what we can do now”

For participation on these dates, a previous registration on the Moodle course of the lecture series is required. Interested non-students can send an e-mail to On other weeks, the Klima-Café will of course continue to take place independently from the lecture series.

We are looking forward to exciting discussions and the planning of actions that affect us here and now!

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