Stop G7 / No to NATO Demonstration

Members of the Klima Café joined the demonstration at Odeonsplatz on 12 June against the G7 and NATO summit. We protested against the policies of the G7 as they fuel the climate and ecological crisis.

Their politics is based on the global exploitation of people and nature and puts profit and power interests first. NATO and G7 countries are also among the biggest environmental and climate destroyers. With a share of 15% of the world’s population, they cause one third of the world’s CO2 emissions.

By fuelling the climate crisis, the G7 and NATO countries are also exacerbating conflict and war. But instead of trying to resolve the cause of the conflict – namely the rapidly advancing climate crisis triggered by an out-of-control drive for growth – the conflict potential of the climate crisis is being misused as a reason for further armament.

Therefore, it is up to us to be loud against war and military armament and speak up for global climate justice. We must protest against the destruction of our livelihoods and show solidarity with all those who are already suffering from the climate crisis!

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